Visions of Thailand

A View of Thailand


Daniel Rey,  Visions of Thailand, Phi Phi Island,  2018

Daniel Rey, Visions of Thailand, Phi Phi Island, 2018

Here are some pictures of my last trip to the most Turistic place on earth (after the Louvre) Well, I don't know if that's true, but kind of it is.

This beautiful tropical country feels a lot like home (Venezuela) but with a different smell of course. The first stop was in Bangkok, the Venice of the east, you'll see why. A city full of Skyscraper in random places and Highways, highways and more highways!  The Second stop: the beautiful and crowded Phi Phi Islands, where is Maya Bay (The beach of the film The Beach). After that, we went to Raily Beach, in Krabi, with a mountain that looks like a - Huge Cazzo - quite an interesting thing. And right after that Koh Yao Yei, a quiet and peaceful Island, the place for detox and relax. And the last part of the trip was in Kao Sok, a National Park with a man made lake, with beautiful blue water and huge mountains of wild and virgin jungle, you actually feel like in a Jurassic Park film, without the Dinosaurs though. 

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